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To everything there is a Season

Seasoned Women's Ministries, Inc. is meeting the issues that women are facing today by providing resources, training, mentoring and study opportunities that focuses on character and integrity in life choices, values and exceptional spiritual gifts.  Our goal is to develop a garden of powerful, more-than-conquering secure women and young girls.


To everything in life there is a Season. As we move through our seasons in life, we can relate to God's creation of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

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life has seasons

Image by Ian Schneider

The Season of WINTER

There is a major difference between a Deep Winter and a Cool Winter. It  is how we move through our situations, circumstances and relationships that defines our winter. We can get deep in our winter season by trying to handle it ourselves.  We can be cool in our winter season and allow God to just take His time and master our plan. You are a Cool Winter Woman!

Image by Sean Oulashin

The Season of SUMMER

"Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmine in my mind.” The Summer Breeze season is a time when we allow ourselves to live in revival, rejuvenation, restoration, renewal and revitalization. All we have to do is allow the summer season to bring a gentle wind of peace, light winds of love, a faithful flow of the ocean waves and the gust of sunshine. You are a Summer Breeze Woman!

Pink Blossom

The Season of SPRING

As the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, so we are coming out of our winter.  We are  ready to FLY! “I believe I can Fly.”  In your Cocoon winter was the preparation of the New you. It was getting you ready to lay claim to a new beginning.  It was to make you smile again.  It was to put together an array of flowers, jewels, and colors to define and describe your history and your legacy.  You are a Flying Spring Woman. 

Image by Timothy Eberly

The Season of AUTUMN

As women move through the Autumn (Fall) Season of their lives, they can be a soft light that radiates all of the beautiful color changes of the leaves in life. On the other hand it can be a hard dark Autumn that penetrates and have our changes stagnated and immobile which does not allow you to be flexible. Which one would you rather be? You are an Awesome Autumn Woman!

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We have supporters and advocates throughout the city of Baltimore, State & Counties of Maryland and across the Nation who take part in the annual Danielfast and the Early Morning Prayer.

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