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About the Ministry

Seasoned Women Ministries, Inc.  Mission  (SWM) is to meet the relational, emotional, social and spiritual needs of young girls ages 11-17; maturing women 18-39; and seasoned women forty and over. We offer a series of workshops, training sessions, seminars, retreats, conferences, webinars, blogs, and prayer conference calls through Zoom and Facebook Live platforms.

The Goal

Scripture: "To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under the heaven." 
Ecclesiastes 3:1                                              

  • To  provide mentors for our young girls ages 11-17 with an emphasis placed upon middle school sixth graders

  • To equip young girls to make healthy choices that will enhance, enlighten and empower them to cope with peer pressures, handle difficult decisions and maintain a healthy life style. 

  • To identify, develop and nurture the spiritual gifts God has given to women

  • To address the concerns of women in a society full of mixed and diverse attitudes, opinions, and behaviors

  • To establish a nurturing, supportive, trusting, and safe environment for participant’s relational, social, physical, spiritual, economical, and psychological well-being

  • To provide a wholistic 40 day Daniel Fast to persons looking to grow in body, mind and spirit during Lent. 

  • To educate the Faith and Community based groups, programs etc on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through Fasting and Praying.

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